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Cybersecurity Trends to Plan for in 2024

By now we are well into 2024 and the digital landscape continues to quickly evolve. Now, more than ever, cybersecurity remains a chief concern both worldwide and for Kentucky businesses. To stay ahead of potential threats and keep sensitive information safe, it’s essential to anticipate emerging trends. Stay tuned as we explore some cybersecurity trends for 2024 and provide some proactive measures you can take.

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Trend 1: Rise of AI-Powered Cyber Attacks and Scams

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology have revolutionized cybersecurity defenses, but they’ve also empowered cybercriminals to launch sophisticated and targeted attacks. This year, we are already seeing a surge in AI-driven threats including phishing scams, domain spoofing, and automated malware variants. To combat these threats, it’s more important than ever to have advanced cybersecurity measures in place capable of detecting and mitigating attacks in real-time.

Trend 2: Expansion of Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS)

The existence of Ransomware shouldn’t be news to anyone, these attacks have been around for many years. In 2024, RaaS platforms are expected to become much more prevalent. These platforms allow cybercriminals to launch ransomware attacks with very minimal technical expertise. To mitigate the risk of ransomware, organizations should prioritize cybersecurity measures, automate regular data backups, provide employee training, and implement comprehensive endpoint protection.

Trend 3: Increased Demand for Cyber Insurance Coverage

With the rising costs associated with data breaches, ransomware attacks, and regulatory fines, cyber insurance provides a safety net for businesses in any industry. While cyber insurance is already a requirement for some industries, it will begin playing an even more critical role in the cybersecurity strategy of organizations across the board. To qualify for cyber insurance coverage, your business must have some base-line security measures in place. At Box Lake, we can help you work through these requirements and get everything in place that you need for coverage.

Trend 4: Accelerated Adoption of Cloud Services

As organizations continue to move more elements of their operations and digital ecosystem to the cloud, ensuring the security of your cloud-based environments becomes critical. Moving sensitive information to the cloud (for example, an O365 migration) introduces new risks of unauthorized access, data breaches, and other threats. It is important to keep in mind that data previously stored locally that is moved the cloud often requires a whole new cybersecurity strategy.

Trend 5: Increased Regulatory Focus on Data Privacy and Compliance

For regulated industries, the continued increase of data breaches and privacy incidents means potentially stricter regulations, enforcement, and penalties for non-compliance. Regulated organizations must prioritize data protection initiatives and compliance with regulatory frameworks to maintain trust and credibility. These stricter guidelines will serve to protect consumer data but also may mean adopting enhanced or new cybersecurity measures for your business.

By teaming up with an experienced IT partner like Box Lake Networks we can evaluate your existing cybersecurity strategies and implement proactive solutions to keep your business safe now and down the road. Contact us to get started.

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