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Since 1999, Box Lake Networks has sustained continual growth by building and preserving strong client relationships.  Clients continue to utilize us because we are a first-class IT partner that listens carefully to your needs and concerns when designing an effective, affordable solution to your unique situation.

  • In business since 1999
  • 20 Employees (and growing)
  • Clients in 27 states
  • Focused on the small to mid-size business
  • Strong Focus on Financial, Healthcare and Local Government
  • World Class Partners with proven technologies
Our philosophy is simple. We believe that every business, regardless of size, deserves to have the same technology advantages that enterprise customers realize.  We help our clients improve their profitability, increase productivity while keeping our prices in-line with small business budgets.  
What is Box Lake?
The first question we are always asked is, 
“What is Box Lake?”
More than 19 years ago, four engineering colleagues went on their annual fishing trip to their favorite spot, Box Lake in the mountains of Colorado. During that trip, they discussed their displeasure with the IT firms they had worked with and how every time they needed something, they got a different technician that wasn’t familiar with their setup and didn’t really care about their business.
Out of this fishing trip, Box Lake Networks was born and set forth on a goal to provide exemplary services, products, and pricing and to work in the best interest of our clients. 
19 years later, our staff has grown and our client base too. We now represent clients across the country and Canada. Since we created the company from a client perspective, we understand the difficulties that today’s business owners face in the ever changing world of technology and that no two businesses are alike even if they appear to be very similar on the outside. We don’t lose many clients to other firms because they know we are as vested in their business as they are, and we haven’t forgotten where we began.
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