Phishing as a Service

Sophos Phish Threat is an advanced attack simulation, testing and training platform designed to reduce your largest attack surface – your end users – with effective security awareness testing and training. Optimized to help organizations address the alarming increase in phishing and compliance threats, Sophos Phish Threat helps change user behavior and reduce organizational risk through routine, real-world phishing simulations reinforced with effective training and actionable reporting. With lightning-fast setup and a dead-simple interface, Sophos Phish Threat helps organizations avoid phishing scams, credential theft, and compliance risks, ushering in a culture dedicated to security best practices.

  • Real-World Attack Simulation

Information security is only as secure as your easiest target

  • Effective Training Modules

Training designed to educate and teach the power of discretion

  • Easy Campaign Generation

Simulate phishing attacks in just a few clicks

  • Comprehensive Reporting

Understand your organizational security health and demonstrate return on investment


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